Windows are no longer just plain features of a home. Not only does it let in light, but the way they are adjusted to fill a home with natural light and make it look aesthetically pleasing is an amazing form of art that is not appreciated enough. Compared to how they were decades ago, these glass panes are now an integral part of how a modern home is designed. With much thought put into its placement, its size, the type of glass, and the other design elements of a window, this element of a home have evolved into a full architectural discipline.

Because of its growing importance, many have taken to its appearance for indoor appeal—particularly when it comes to the shades you set up on it.

The Effect of Window Fixtures on Interior Design

The interior design trend is becoming increasingly important, as both young and older individuals are starting to pay more attention to the look and feel of their homes. 

Interior design trends constantly evolve, which means that while the window is a protective element, it is also part of the whole design inside and out. From the exterior, it can look plain and unassuming to those who pass by, but the interior decorative elements that surround the window can make or break a home’s appeal.

While the furniture of the interior space can be accent pieces that are going to be present in all rooms, custom blinds are unique pieces that are gaining traction. Blinds in Sydney are getting more and more popular, as new homes are being built and apartments are being inhabited.

The Style in 2021 is Unlike Any Other

It is true what they say that 2020 is the year that—despite the virus—smashes all the rules when it comes to acceptance of things. In this year, people started to care less about what they wear out, social justice is being pushed for, and equality is starting to gain visibility in the world. 

In terms of design, the same can be said about just having your home the way you want it to look like. If you want an old school home that is reminiscent of the 70’s Brutalist American architecture, then why not, right? After all, this is the year that screams “do your own thing!” 

This is exactly what this article will be talking about, particularly in the perspective of interior design using custom shades for your windows.

Curtains Offer Unparalleled Privacy With Style

For anyone, a home is a place that is meant to be a sanctuary; this means having privacy from the outside world, which we spend most of our days in. 

Depending on the type of window shades you put on your home, privacy can be held at the utmost importance. The worst is having a neighbour who is snooping around all the time or being in high traffic areas where people often pass by. In this case, having heavy, blackout curtains can be a great choice for your main windows.

Available in a number of colours, patterns, and materials, curtains can offer the best privacy to your home. Such shades that are made of thicker materials can also act as minor sound padding—which blocks some ambient noise and can prevent light from leaking in at night for restful sleep. On the other hand, thinner ones with prints and designs can be customised to fit the theme of the room at hand!

Curtains can definitely make a difference in a room, with the right materials giving off a nice, elegant touch and feel to the entire environment. 

Custom Blinds Can Assist in Hot Summers and Cold Winters

When it comes to summers and winter seasons, temperatures can be a bit wild. In the summer, there is nice lighting that is bright and perfect to be out and about. This also means extreme heat waves in Sydney. The light that enters homes will be scorching, and while you don’t want to lose the natural light, you don’t want the heat either. 

Custom blinds are the perfect solution for hot summers and cold winters in Sydney. Not only do these fixtures offer a stylish finish that can complement the entire interior, but these also have the ability to open and close panels, thus offering some form of insulation for both seasons. Keeping the panels open slightly adds airflow into a home, all while keeping the sun’s extreme heat out.

The main selling points of these kinds of fixtures are how they can be built to fit all kinds of windows, the privacy effect they provide, and their capacity to keep natural light free-flowing into the home at all times. 

Blinds can be controlled normally by a wire that adjusts the tilt of their panels—which can either be shut completely, opened diagonally for privacy and natural light, or fully open, offering outdoor visibility. The materials available for blinds are plenty, and one of the favourites in a modern home is the wooden blinds, which go with either a white or cream-painted room. 

Automation Now Exists with Motorized Blinds

If everything is being automated, why shouldn’t blinds be? 

Motorised blinds are the newest trend that has been around for years, but now with improvements in recent technology. These are a bit more expensive due to their mechanism, but the time saved by roaming around the house pulling up and setting down all the blinds takes some work! You might even miss some in important areas of the house, which is why automation takes away all that work and offers more privacy and security at all times. 

Automated blinds can be reeled in and dropped down with a push of a button, which is good if you have children who can get caught and tangled in cords that are present in some blinds. 

Timers can even be set to raise and lower them, so if you are a heavy sleeper, you can have the blinds raised by the time the sun comes up so that natural light fills the room. If you had a standard curtain that blocks the light, you might have found yourself oversleeping from time to time. 

Motorised blinds are the future of homes, and can make a home extremely beautiful and functional. These are great options for larger homes, as windows can be plenty. 

Choose the Right Materials and Designs

By consulting with an expert at interior design, you can determine what colours of shades and what materials are best for your room’s theme. Depending on the furniture, wall colour, and other aspects of what the room looks like, different kinds will be better for different applications!

While nobody can tell you what to do with your home in terms of styling, choosing the right materials and designs for your blinds can add a touch of excellence and elegance to your home. 

The Bottom Line

In Sydney, the interior design scene is picking up the pace. More and more people are getting into the design trends and cleaning up their homes for an aesthetically pleasing environment. In 2021 with all the mess going on, it is great to have a sanctuary you can come home to each day or even just have a nice place to lock yourself in while the situation normalises. 

No Bull Blinds are the makers of the top custom blinds in Sydney. We don’t just supply you with highly affordable blinds; we’ll give you the interior design advice to pick the best one and even help you set it up! Get in touch with us today to find out more about our products and services.

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