Windows are easy to overlook when it’s dressed beautifully since it has the uncanny ability to blend in the background, but it has a pivotal role to play in boosting the attractiveness of your space. That’s why window coverings are amongst the most popular home furnishings in the market, providing a colourful selection of finishes and functions from the curtains, blinds, sheers, and other options. Blinds and curtains together will work well on the same window.

Choosing one over the other can be tricky, but the design is all about embracing a sense of playfulness and purpose, so why not mix and match until you find the perfect pair? It offers the best of both worlds in terms of ironing light control issues, privacy, and style, especially when you mash up the right coverings together.

The Quest For A Chic Composition With Curtains And Blinds

Partnering blinds and curtains together result in a synergetic design and more dimension, primarily since both coverings offer the most stylish options. The right match can have the power to elevate the look and feel of your home, so the tips below should help you find the best fit for your space. 

Tip #1: Choose The Style And Type Of Blinds First 

You’re off in the right direction when starting with blinds since it’s the treatment that sets the underlying tone. Unlike curtains, blinds are often limited to the window space, so it makes sense to think of it as the “undergarments” of your window coverings. 

It gives you more control over the lighting while directing your style choices for the curtains. A Venetian blind with a solid colour block, for instance, can introduce understated elegance to the room. When pairing with either light, textured, or bolder curtains, it can bolster the soft look by adding an exciting element to the window treatment. 

Tip #2: Mix-And-Match Plain Colours With Patterns To Create A Complementary Balance

Choosing a neutral colour for the blinds should act as a solid base, but you can take its impact to the next level by adding curtains with lively patterns to add textural dimension to your space. You can create a trendy and cohesive look by choosing the dominant colour to complement the blinds, allowing you to fuse different tones to balance dark and light accents. 

Tip #3: Go Bold By Mixing Patterns Together 

The tip above is a classic choice that uses patterns to add visual interest to plain backdrops, but you add an edge to your decor and embrace a loud personality by fusing patterns and prints together. 

It’s a tricky design to get right as it has the tendency to overwhelm and take the attention away from its focal points, but the concept of pairing light and dark can apply here to bring some subtle, semblance of balance. 

Pairing lighter, abstract prints in sheer blinds, for example, can complete the look of vividly patterned curtains. It results in an eye-catching feature that is perfect for larger spaces, but you may need to be more careful when working patterns together in tiny homes since it can easily overpower the room. 

Tip #3: Choose The Colour Or Patterns That Connects With The Rest Of The Room 

The best window treatments are the ones that can silently enhance the look of the room without stealing away the spotlight, so while going bold can make for a trendy approach, be sure the colour palette for both coverings are cohesive with the overall scheme of the room. 

The textures of the fabric and patterns should add a playful touch in muted spaces and add a dramatic flair that ties the decor altogether. You can go for the traditional choice of complementing the walls or furniture with its opposite shades in the colour wheel, but experimenting with tone-on-tone can pack as much visual impact. 

Tip #4: Consider What The Combination Adds To The Form And Function Of The Room 

Beyond aesthetic reasons, partnering curtains and blinds should also be about marrying two unique functionalities together. Venetian blinds are the perfect choice for boosting your privacy, while long-flowing, high-hung curtains can help open up the room by creating an illusion of luxury and spaciousness. 

Sheer curtains can make the room feel grandiose with their ability to filter light without blocking it completely, allowing you to use the soft glow to illuminate the room without relying on overhead lights for the better part of the day. 

The Bottom Line: Layering Curtains And Blinds To Create A Stunning, Multi-Layered Window Treatment At Home 

Layering window coverings is a skyrocketing trend in modern homes as it creates a rich atmosphere with its multi-tiered treatment. Combining different styles adds a more dynamic touch to the overall decor of your home, from an interesting texture and eye-catching depth that acts as a complementary backdrop for the room’s focal point. 

Styling The Best Of Both Worlds

Pairing blinds and curtains together make for a match made in heaven, especially since it creates a two-pack punch to the interiors with its higher sense of form and functionality. With this design amalgamation, you can have better control over the lighting. 

Sheer blinds offer the option to let soft light bask the room in a warm glow for sunny mornings while partnering it with thick, darker curtains allow you to block every slant of light entirely when the mood for privacy arises. 

With the freedom to blend different styles, colours, patterns, and textures for your window treatments, you can create the perfect pair that can complete the personalized look of your space. 

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