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A new way to buy blinds

No Bull Blinds is here to fix the way people buy Roller Blinds

You want a high-quality Roller Blind, you want them at a good price and you don’t want to wait to get them, correct? If this is what you want then you’re in the right place.

Currently, Roller Blinds are generally sold to you by specialist salesmen who regularly get paid significant commissions. You then often wait in excess of six weeks for your blinds to be made overseas, then finally someone comes to your house and installs them, provided nothing has gone wrong. In the case of an error – guess what – you may have to wait another 6 weeks! We think this is unfair.

Why we are different

We don’t send a salesman to your house, we think you are capable of measuring your windows yourself and working out the cost online. Just by getting rid of this salesman and his considerable commission, our measurer can give you honest advice and the savings come straight off the cost of your blinds. Snap!

We send out a qualified installer to measure up your blinds and help you chose the right fabrics/solutions for your environment. Often this is the same person who will install your blinds, and because he does not get paid significant sales commissions he can give you unbiased advice.

Often our customers ask us why we are cheaper. By buying from us, you are buying directly from the factory, and by removing the salesman and his often excessive commissions, you reap the benefits by saving money. We think this is fair.

No Bull Blinds reviews

We were impressed with this company right from the initial phone contact Gareth was efficient polite and thorough with his measuring and installing! Very good value!

PJH, Gold Coast


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