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So you want high-quality roller blinds, you want them at a good price, and you don’t want to wait, right?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Roller Blinds are commonly sold by a salesman who then gets paid a significant commission. If this is the route you choose to take, not only are you likely to pay more, but you’ll probably end up waiting in excess of 6 weeks while your blinds are being constructed overseas.

Finally, someone comes to your house and installs your blinds — provided that nothing has gone wrong along the way. If there is any kind of error, chances are you’ll be waiting a while before the issue has been resolved and your blinds are successfully shipped.

At No Bull Blinds, we hardly consider this a customer-friendly approach to conducting the blinds business. That’s why we focus on providing cheaper, better, and faster blinds in Australia. Firstly, you can already see how much your blinds are going to cost by using the tool on the right.

We offer a wide-range of our most popular Blockout, Translucent, and Sunscreen blinds all at the same price, and you don’t have to worry about our measurer trying to upsell you on a more expensive product while in your home. That’s blinds, without the bull!

We also offer a range of optional upgrades to customise your blinds to your precise specifications, including: stainless steel chains, cassettes to cover your blinds, high-end textured fabrics, and even the option of having customised prints on your fabrics.

*Delivery/Installation is free within our coverage area when you order $1000 or more of products in the installation.