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Warranty Information

No Bull Blinds provides a 3-year limited warranty on our blinds and blind components unless specified as a 5-year Warranty for our Premium products.

  1. This Warranty: a) covers the blinds listed on your tax invoice against labour defects and faulty materials for a period of three (3) years from the date of installation by a qualified No Bull Blinds installer; b) covers replacement of parts and repaid labour provided under this Warranty for the remainder of the period of the Warranty for the products into which the faulty components are incorporated or applied; c) does not cover damage to any aspect of the product caused by weathering, atmospheric fallout, or other corrosive residue; and d) does not extend to loss or damage caused by normal wear and tear.
  2. This Warranty will not apply if: a) the product is damaged by the use of an accessory not installed and/or provided by No Bull Blinds Pty Ltd; b) the product is re-installed by a anyone who is not a qualified or approved No Bull Blinds installer; c) the product is damaged by the incorrect use of any consumable; or d) the product is installed in a moveable dwelling, e.g. caravan or boat; e) if a blind is less than 600mm in width; f) if the blind or blind part has been altered or modified by a non No Bull Blinds recognised representative.
  3. Under this Warranty; a) the owner is responsible for all travelling and transport costs if the owner requests any product repair to be performed at the premises in which the blinds were originally installed; b) the owner is responsible for providing reasonable and safe service access to the product. This Warranty does not cover any costs or labour associated with gaining access to the product installed in restricted access or high locations; and c) the owner is at all times responsible for the repair of defects caused by accidental or intentional damage, fire, misuse, abuse, neglect, alterations by or negligence of the consumer, incorrect or incomplete installation or operation by the consumer, Acts of God, vermin or foreign matter entering the product, e.g. dirt and moisture. For repair of the Product under this Warranty a) the purchaser must make contact with No Bull Blinds within
  4. thirty (30) days of the fault developing; b) If the fault is reported in the first year of the Warranty a No Bull Blinds recognised repairer will attend the site and perform a repair or replacement at No Bull Blinds discretion of a part or the blind; c) If the fault is reported in the second or third year of the warranty No Bull Blinds will either post out a new part to the owner for the owner to refit or request the owner bring the blind back to the factory for repair at the owners expense. It will be at No Bull Blinds discretion on whether the blind needs to be brought into the factory or a part be sent to the owner. d) Original purchase documents must be presented to No Bull Blinds recognised repairer or the recognised repair agent on request.
  5. Replacement Blinds; from time to time certain fabrics or parts may be discontinued or have slight colour & design changes from batch to batch. When a blind or part of a blind is replaced under this Warranty we will do our best to match the style and color however when we cannot match the style or color we reserve the right to substitute or match to the fabric or part with an equivalent or greater value part or fabric.
  6. Motorised and automated blinds; please note that this warranty does not cover motors or any automation parts supplied by No Bull Blinds. We offer a variety of motors and automation options that have separate warranties depending on the motors or options that you have purchased.
  7. Various Warranties or conditions may be implied or obligations may be imposed by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and other laws in force in Australia. If any such provision applies, then to the extent permitted by law and to the extend this Warranty is given in addition to such warranties or conditions, any liability under this Warranty is expressly limited to; c) in the case of products, the replacement of the product, the payment of the cost or replacing the product or acquiring an equivalent product at the discretion of No Bull Blinds.
  8. The owner has 30 business days from the successful installation of their blind to report in writing via email to any marks, holes, scuffs or defects on the Fabric or Blind. No claims for marks, holes, discoloration, scuffs or defects on the fabric or blind after that date, will be accepted and will be considered misuse, general wear and tear, other corrosive residue, weathering or atmospheric fallout.


This is the only Warranty given by No Bull Blinds on its products. No other person or non-statutory organisation is authorised by No Bull Blinds Pty Ltd to vary the provisions and conditions of this Warranty.

If you purchased your products prior to 1 July 2018 please find below a link to download your warranty.

Warranty 01 Jan 2013 to 30 June 2018


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