Room makeovers require careful attention to detail. You’ll want to make sure you get the hardwood floors right, a portion of which should be covered by the best type of Moroccan rug. Shelves need to be organised, to be topped with small plants and select books. Unfortunately, one of the most important yet overlooked parts of the room are windows—people often overlook the significance of these sunshine gates, mistakenly thinking they don’t make much of a difference. Blinds for home is the best choice for treating your windows right.

Windows can make or break a room’s overall look, but the choices of window decorations can be overwhelming. One of the best choices on the market is blinds, which are the perfect alternatives to curtains. Highly fashionable and versatile, they help you maximise your living space, providing you with the necessary privacy, sunlight, and heat protection. 

Blinds are obviously the best choice, but the question now stands—how do you ensure that you invest in the right kind? Here’s a comprehensive guide for you, dedicated to helping you choose the right blinds for your home, along with some maintenance tips. Let’s begin!

The Preference Factor: Choosing the Right Blinds

Step 1: What type of blinds do you want?

Before pondering on the other details, you must commit to a blind type for your home. Doing so will help you save time when it comes to purchasing, especially if you wish to match the blind with the rest of your room. Here are some of the most popular styles to choose from:

  • Aluminium
  • Wooden blinds
  • Venetian or vertical blinds

Step 2: What’s the best fabric style?

Blinds can also be difficult to commit to because they come in a multitude of fabric prints! You have the option to choose sheer or block, thick or heavy, and even printed and plain. There are also countless colour choices available, so make sure to choose wisely. Your blinds should complement the room but also make a statement.

Step 3: How do you want your blinds to work?

Apart from the styles and fabric prints, blinds can also come as motorised and manual. If you’re residing with kids and pets, for instance, it’s best to avoid manual blinds as these come with potentially dangerous cords. If you wish to invest in convenience, motorised roller blinds will work best. 

The Environment Game: Which Blinds Work Best?

Choosing blinds for your home and office according to your preferences is ideal, but remember that your home’s environment also plays a vital role in longevity and maintenance. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Aluminium blinds (For households with pets and children): These work best for households with children, especially those who can be rather rough during play. Blinds are delicate, but choosing to invest in aluminium types will make sure your blinds last longer.
  • Wooden Blinds (For homes away from humidity and moisture): These should be avoided by homes experiencing high levels of moisture and humidity, as they can easily be warped and stained. Varnish and paint can help protect against damage, but constantly being exposed to such environments shortens its life span. 
  • Vertical blinds (For spaces without high traffic): Vertical blinds are best for those households who wish to inject a little more style into their spaces, as they are the classiest choice among all types of blinds. Unfortunately, they do not work well in high-traffic spaces, especially when you have children and pets around.
  • PVC Blinds  (For Spaces with wet areas and open windows while blinds are closed) PVC is a durable product that is not only practical for wet areas being a hard furnish that allows for airflow in and out of the when the blind is closed. Inevitably when windows are left open, the blinds are going to get exposed to the elements, and PVC outperforms Natural substances like timber and soft furnishings like curtains and roller blinds. 

The Cleaning Scene: How to Properly Clean Your Blinds 

Unlike the rest of your home, blinds don’t need much upkeep. Everyday cleaning isn’t necessary, but your main enemy will always be the buildup of dirt and dust. They can turn any space into the draftiest places, including your window areas. You will be tempted to take down and clean the blinds around your home, but this process will end up cutting your blinds’ lifespan. With that being said, how do you ensure an effective yet safe cleaning method? 

If you have aluminium or vertical blinds:

  • Gather a clean cloth and use it to dust. Make sure carefully dust into the nooks and crevices, ensuring that all buildup is taken care of.
  • If you wish to take your cleaning process up a notch, use a solution of dish soap and water. Apply this to a clean cloth and clean each side of the blinds as gently as possible.
  • Make sure to dry it completely with another clean cloth.

If you have PVC blinds:

  • Get a clean cloth and gently wipe each blind, making sure to attack the areas where dirt and dust have accumulated.
  • If you wish to clean it more thoroughly, opt for a mixture of water and mild soap. Harsher detergents can affect the integrity of the wood, so make sure to be as gentle as possible. Never brush the panels—use a soft sponge instead.
  • Seeing as wood can retain moisture, make sure to completely dry the blinds off after cleaning. 

Golden tip: For the best results, use a duster instead of a cloth.

Making the Most of Your Spaces: Blinds For Style and Protection 

Your room makeover may perhaps be compelling you to purchase rugs, lamps, and a new console, but never leave your windows to the last minute. Your little sunshine gates need extra love and attention, especially since they’re your connection to the outside world. You’ll want to ensure you have enough privacy, but at the same time, have access to some Vitamin D. That said, make sure to invest in blinds. They’ll help transform your spaces, but at the same time, offer much-needed protection. 

Before you purchase blinds for your home, however, remember that its lifespan will depend on your choice, your cleaning game, and how well you’ve incorporated your home into the choice. In other words, the right blind type should fit your lifestyle and household environment, otherwise, you’ll be repairing and purchasing blinds for the rest of your life. Keep in mind that the best blinds last up to ten years—make it count! 

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